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Calligraphy, for me, is not merely a visual art form but a spiritual practice—a meditative journey where the harmony of the brush, ink, and paper aligns with the rhythm of the soul. It is a constant exploration of balance, discipline, and self-expression, where each stroke carries intention and breathes life into the script. In this fusion of Arabic calligraphy in the Chinese style, which I have learned under the tutelage of Haji Noor Deen, a master calligrapher.Under him I have had the privilege of studying the rich traditions and techniques of calligraphy, delving into the spiritual and aesthetic aspects that underpin this ancient art form. I strive to promote cultural dialogue, inspire curiosity, and encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of this beautiful script.My art is a visual exploration of the delicate balance between light and darkness and the interplay of opposing forces represented by the ancient concept of Yin and Yang. I use various techniques, such as layering translucent materials, incorporating reflective surfaces, or experimenting with contrasting color palettes, to evoke a sense of dynamism and interdependence. Texture plays a significant role in my work, as it adds depth, dimension, and a tangible quality to the artwork.  As a mixed media artist, through a variety of techniques and materials, I aim to create visually captivating artworks that engage viewers on a sensory level. By incorporating texture, I invite viewers to not only see but also feel and experience the artwork through touch.  I carefully select and adapt Qur'anic verses and Arabic letters, seeking harmony and balance in the arrangement of strokes and the flow of energy. By seamlessly blending the graceful strokes of Arabic script with the elegance of Chinese artistry I tend to create a harmonious and visually stunning experience.

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